The patented elebia evo automatic lifting hooks CAN NOT DROP SUSPENDED LOADS under it's fail-safe design. It is designed in a way that makes it impossible to drop suspended loads. It will only drop the rigging hardware (slings, chains), and only if the suspended weight is under a certain value. It’s simply gravity that avoids the opening of the hook if there’s a suspended load. This is a feature of all our designs, geometrically fail-safe, without any sensors or electric components.

As an example, evo10 has a max releasable load of 20 kgs (44.09 lbs.) To release the load, the motor must rotate or turn the hook, lifting the load contained therein. The motor’s torque is not powerful enough to open the hook when more than 20 kgs. (44.09 lbs.)

This limit can be set to a lower value if necessary, to ensure the lifting operation is even safer. This can be made by modifying the parameter P.

Here you can find the max releasable load table for each hook.