All elebia products have a two-year warranty except for batteries which is of six months.

The warranty of the evo automatic lifting hook is for 2 years and covers parts and labour for the envisaged use. Batteries and maintenance operations, and the materials and labour involved therein, are exempt from the warranty. Non-performance of checks and maintenance may lead to cancellation of the warranty.

The warranty is limited to the original end user of the lifting equipment and is subject to the equipment being inspected, controlled and maintained according to the manufacturer and dealer instructions throughout the warranty period. The warranty period is for 2 years from the purchase date and is subject to the conditions and measures given here.

Warranty will not be valid when any of the following measures are met:

  • Overload.

  • Wrong and/or carelessly use.

  • Damages by not following procedures and measures.

  • Damages by hoisting differing material other then indicated on the evo automatic lifting hook.

  • Adapting and/or modifying the evo automatic lifting hook.

  • The injudicious use of the evo automatic lifting hook.

  • When maintenance inspections have not been carried out by the authorised Elebia Autohooks SLU Technical Service.

The manufacturer is not responsible for incidental damage, or damage due to wrong use of the lifting tools.